Jim Lawrence Ironworks

I worked full time as a workshop assistant at Jim Lawrence Traditional Ironworks Ltd. Through this experience I gained skills in Metal Fabricating, Welding, Operation of Industrial Machinery and Powder coating.

Between July and December 2023, I worked full time as a workshop assistant at Jim Lawrence Traditional Ironworks Ltd. Jim Lawrence is company based out of a workshop in Hadleigh, Suffolk producing high quality, batch produced lights and home furnishings. As Workshop Assistant, I worked in a variety of different teams and departments throughout the manufacturing floor. The following are details into some of the duties I carried out:

Operation of Large Industrial Equipment:

Demonstrated expertise in operating CNC Milling, Spinning machines and laser cutters showcasing a strong foundational understanding in precision manufacturing.

TIG Welding Skills:

Acquired and applied TIG welding skills, contributing to the fabrication and assembly of various components with precision.

Powder Coating for Steel & Brass Products:

Executed powder coating processes for steel products, highlighting versatility in contributing to different stages of the production process.

Workshop Organization:

Maintained a clean and organised workshop, prioritising safety and efficiency in daily operations.

Handling Large Materials and Sharp Machinery:

Demonstrated expertise in the careful handling of large and heavy materials, ensuring a safe and productive working environment.

Operated sharp machinery such as a mechanical hacksaw with precision, demonstrating a proficiency in handling intricate tools.

I am very grateful for the time I spent working at Jim Lawrence and have learnt valuable skills that will be useful, where ever my career takes me in the future.